The Pacific region is highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Preventing risks linked to the impacts of climate change, including extreme meteorological events, climate variability and accelerated sea-level rise, is therefore a crucial issue for all small island states of the Pacific. Accelerating the level of investment in adaptation and mitigation measures is seen as crucial, further to the adoption of the Paris Agreement and in view of the greenhouse gas emission levels and the severe climate disruptions experienced in the Pacific.

SPC is committed to reinforcing technical assistance and strategic coordination to design and implement climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in our region in partnership with our members and donors. Our Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Programme (CCES) leads and develops our support in this area.

In addition, and to reflect coherence with national and regional Pacific strategies for climate mitigation and for environmental protection, we are determined to ensure the lowest environmental impacts of all the projects it implements as well as to enhance the environmental sustainability of its own operations through its current Emission Reduction Strategy.

The mission of the CCES, under the aegis of its Director, is to provide leadership, coordination and technical oversight of SPC’s climate change programmes and activities. The programme also provides leadership and coordination of the overall environmental sustainability of SPC’s programmes and operations. Specific objectives include assisting Pacific countries and territories to transit to a low-carbon economy and adapt a number of key national sectors to the effects of climate change, enhancing collaboration with other regional organization and promoting the Pacific climate-change agenda at the international level and providing an effective framework for resource mobilization.

« Climate change is a threat to peace and security. Our duty is to put together a development model for the next 30 years, to let the peoples of the world have access to goods and, at the same time, to protect the planet. So let’s not let time decide for us. Let’s also be capable of delighting the world again, of giving the world’s young people the hope that they’ll live better than us.”  Speech by Mr. François Hollande, President of the French Republic, United Nations Climate-Change Summit – September 23, 2014.


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