SPC has a range of policies which set out the framework within which all SPC offices carry out procurement, travel and grant activities.

Our procurement policy covers the purchasing of goods and services, from identification of needs to the management of the total life cycle of goods, services (including consultancies and professional services) and works, through to contract management, including how we manage our relationships with contractors.

The main principles under which our procurement policy is set out are: ethics, value for money and open competition.

Our policy covers three main types of procurement:

  • Procurement of goods and supplies – covers purchase of products, goods and equipment.
  • Procurement of services – covers purchase of services such as lease, rental, travel, service contractors and technical assistance. It also covers consultancies.
  • Procurement of works – covers design, architectural services, civil engineering , constructions and capital works.

The Procurement, Grant, Risks and Assets unit in our Operations and Management Directorate has responsibility for implementing and ensuring compliance with these relevant policies.

For enquiries, please contact us:  Procurement@spc.int.