The overall goal of the Social Development Programme is that “Pacific people are empowered to attain their development potential and improve their wellbeing, through progressing gender equality, youth development and promoting cultural diversity”.

To do this, the work of SDP is about putting people at the centre of development, recognizing that the way people interact in society, and the norms that facilitate such interaction, shape development processes. It also takes into account the fact that women, men, young people and children including those with disabilities have different vulnerabilities; that development challenges will impact them differently and these are important considerations in the context of policy and programme interventions at all levels in Pacific countries and territories.

The work areas that fall under the Social Development Programme, namely gender, culture and youth, are crosscutting. They have a strong impact on all programming and operations and they are an integral component of SPC’s multi-sectoral work to support the achievement of development goals for Pacific communities.